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The gym features high quality equipment, with both fixed-weight and plate-weighted machines. The equipment is wiped down after each use and is deep cleaned every week. There are wheelchair accessible bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, and cubbies for personal belongings.

Monument Fitness Club, Monument Room inside the gym.


There are exit doors coming off each room but there is only one entry door into the facility. The building is equipped with surveillance inside and outside the building, motion sensor lights and its doors are always locked. Members can come in at any time using their unique door key code.


A 24-hour gym where everyone feels welcome

Monument Fitness, The Gym: Monument Community Room for Cardio Workout, Changing Rooms and More

Monument Community Room

Treadmills, a self-propelled sled treadmill, ellipticals, changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, and more.

Monument Fitness, The Gym: Monument Room for a Full Body Workout

Monument Room

Equipment for a full body workout, such as leg curl machines, a tricep dip station, a power rack, and more.

Monument Fitness, The Gym: Beach Room for a Complete Arms Workout

Beach Room

Arm workout equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, a Smith machine, a deadlift platform, and more.

Monument Fitness, The Gym: Snow Room for a Complete Back-Muscle Workout

Snow Room

Back-muscle equipment, such as a fixed weight seated row machine, a hyper extension machine, and more.

Monument Fitness, The Gym: Book Cliffs Room for a Complete Full Body Workout

Book Cliffs Room

An all-purpose room with equipment for a full body workout, including spin bikes, rower machines, and more.

At Industry Strength , we believe the strength to endure is in all of us.

We believe the gym is a place for people of all levels, ages, and abilities to exercise and build strength and confidence. With knowledgeable trainers and 24/7 access to high quality equipment, we strive to assess everyone’s needs and help them reach their fitness goals.




Contact us to become a member, to arrange for a no-obligation tour of the gym, or to learn more. Call/text 970-639-9601 or email


Monument Fitness is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Amber Hinkle-Bird

Fitness is a huge part of my life. Over the course of 24 years, starting at the age of 14, I loved to learn new ways to exercise and have been involved in many athletic endeavors since. I was a runner, a member of the swim team, and have done countless aerobics videos. I also started weight training and took various classes such as yoga, step aerobics, kickboxing, and cycling. In addition, I have competed in sprint triathlons, 10Ks, 5Ks, 12Ks, trail races, Tough Mudder events, powerlifting events, and body building competitions for the last nine years.

Pushing myself to my limits is on the top of my list and I strive to keep active each day. I find that lifting weights and eating right gives me the best results in shaping and sculpting my body. As I have started paying attention to what I eat in the last eight years, I have noticed drastic changes in the way I feel and perform. Throughout my athletic experiences, I have worked with many different personal trainers and understand the importance of having that support. As manager and owner of Monument Fitness Club, I enjoy getting to extend that support to the members as they show up and workout. It inspires me to see each person strive to obtain their goals – it makes me smile!

Amber Hinkle-Bird
AAAI/ISMA Certified Personal Trainer
Craig Bird
Making the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle is often difficult, and I personally understand that challenge. I struggled with both starting and maintaining an active routine. About ten years ago, I weighed a very unhealthy 300 pounds. It was at that point I decided I needed to make changes in my life. I wanted to live a healthier life, not only for me, but for my family. As I adapted a bodybuilder lifestyle, I have weighed as little as 216 pounds, and since the start of my fitness journey, I have participated in running five Tough Mudder events and competed in six bodybuilding competitions.
Craig Bird
AAAI/ISMA Master Certified Fitness Trainer, NESTA Certified Nutrition Coach, Competition Prep Coach, Posing Coach
Tayler Else-Stowell

I was born and raised in Grand Junction. I have been around sports and physical activities ever since I was little, which is what lead me to play softball in college and pursue a career in the fitness industry. Fitness saved me from a low point in my life and helped me move on from softball. After graduating, I started competing in NPC (bodybuilding) competitions, giving me an even higher level of love and respect for the fitness industry. My goal as a personal trainer is to not only help clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be, but to also bring out the best in each individual and show him/her that fitness can be fun and enjoyable.

I offer programs including one-on-one training, group training, weight loss, muscle development, strength and conditioning (sport specific), and online training. Each cannot only be achieved in the gym, but I can come to your location, whether it is your home, work, or local park. No equipment? No problem. I will bring everything needed to start and continue your fitness journey. Program prices vary. Cell: 970-589-4313 Email:

Tayler Else-Stowell
Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA), CPR/First Aid Certified, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Adams State University
Amber Hinkle-Bird Craig Bird Tayler Else-Stowell

Monument Fitness Maintains Quality Gym Equipment