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I love this gym! I
I love this gym! I've had memberships with other gyms and this place is by far the best! It has a great vibe. Some gyms can be intimidating but here I feel motivated! I highly recommend Monument Fitness!
Carrie Rivera
Amazing environment!
Amazing environment, very family oriented, every member more than willing to help out and provide as much knowledge as possible. Amazing owners!
Randy Gallegos Jr
I just love it here, I really do.
In 2013 I had a heart attack and a year later I went through a quad bypass surgery. I realized I needed to learn about my cardiovascular system and how to improve it. Monument Fitness is close to me so I started coming here about six days a week. Amber and Craig are so courtesy-minded and respectful, and they’re knowledgeable about what must happen to improve your health. This place is very clean and I’m only too glad to come here. It’s been a significant time in my life and I’ve felt better than I have in years.   I just love it here, I really do. The people here are friendly and I really feel at home.   I would encourage people who have been thinking about going to the gym to stop thinking about it and go do it.  
Wonderful place!
Wonderful place! 24 hour keypad entrance, clean building and great people. Classes included in the monthly fee and so much equipment!
Cassandra Opsal
I love this gym!
I love this gym. I have been coming here for a year or two now. You have 24 hour access, a great variety of equipment, friendly people, not too crowded, great prices, group instruction classes if you want them and more. I mostly lift weights and do some cardio machines and there is always plenty of equipment and stations, even at the peak crowded times.
Jeff McCloskey
A great choice for those who enjoy working out in a genuine 'judgment free' gym.
A great choice for those who enjoy - and prefer! - working out in a genuine 'judgment free' gym with friendly staff and an excellent variety of equipment geared for all fitness levels from novice to professional. Love that it's owned and operated locally by folks who don't just sell memberships: they live health and wellness and are often found training beside clients IN the gym - NOT behind a desk!
Dajana Swanson
My favorite gym in the valley.
My favorite gym in the valley. This place has excellent equipment as well as a friendly and helpful staff. The gym has a family type vibe to it. Zero gym drama. A home for all ages and body types. Everyone here supports one another and helps each other reach their goals. Oh and the trainers are amazing and lots of different trainers to choose from. Priced affordably and offers twenty four hour access.
John Stokes
Awesome place for those who are serious about fitness.
Angela Fleming Hildebrand
I really enjoy the casual, supportive, and family-like atmosphere.
The right kind and the right amount of equipment makes the Monument Fitness gym a perfect fit for my fitness needs. I really enjoy the casual, supportive, and family-like atmosphere created by people who go there just to work out. The gym is very clean. The owners are experts in fitness and are always willing to guide and assist. 24-hour access with the code is a bonus. After using several other gyms in town, the Monument Fitness Club became my favorite gym around Grand Junction.
Martin Wiesiolek
I love coming to the gym.
In March 2016, I was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. I was in a coma for seven weeks and when I woke up, I had to learn everything all over again – how to walk, how to dress, how to feed myself – I still can’t run yet but my trainer [Shawna] has been working with me big time. She’s magnificent. She has so much patience with me it’s not even funny. I love coming to the gym and my doctors can’t believe the difference they see with me since I’ve been working with Shawna.
There are always smiles around – it’s a good place.
It’s really cool because there are people who live in Clifton or live in Orchard Mesa but they make the commute to come here and to me that says a lot about the gym’s ownership, how it’s run, how clean it is, and the quality of the equipment.   It’s a great place to train; you have all genders, you have all ages, you have competitors and people who are just looking for the first time; it’s nice.   Just walking through the door for the first time is the hardest thing for some people, especially for first timers, and once you overcome that, you’ll realize this place is very welcoming.  
Dominic Romero
Monument Fitness is full of genuine people who are serious about working out.
My goals are to stay in shape and stay young. They [Amber and Craig] do a great job of keeping the equipment up to date and bringing new stuff in. The staff here know what they’re doing and are always there to help or answer questions.   I think this gym is great for anybody whether you’re young or old, whether your goals are to compete in live body building, to compete in powerlifting, or just to generally stay in shape for better quality of life. They definitely have a good atmosphere here for that. Everyone is great about helping you out, answering questions, and helping you meet your goals. You can tell they do it because it’s something they love to do and enjoy, it’s not just their job.   My wife decided to compete in body building first and I decided to join her just for fun. She did really well and kept going with it. Now she’s headed to nationals to run for her pro card and I’ve just been tagging along. I enjoy competing and it’s a great way to stay in shape. Both my kids come up here with me. My son is 18 and he’s competed with me. My daughter comes up here and works out; she’s 15. It’s a great thing for the family to do together and stay healthy and in shape.   More old school, that’s what I like about it.  
Tom Lambert

Come workout out at Monument Fitness